Aftermarket Promotion


You can still take advantage of a full interior and exterior detail for your car including window tint and Complete Hydro Interior and Exterior protection at the significantly reduced price of $1,495 only until 31st December, 2019!

Protektiv Hydro`s scientific formula ensures your vehicle is protected at a molecular level against all environmental conditions, sediments and grimes. Australian vehicles are exposed to a full spectrum of harsh conditions the outdoors has to offer. Protektiv Hydro ensures your car’s interior and exterior is equipped to repel the outdoors, using an easy to clean and high quality liquid glass solution. 

A Protektiv Hydro treated vehicle can be spotted from a mile away. Amongst traffic or in a parking lot, the intense sheen of a Protektiv Hydro treated car is highly noticeable compared to all other vehicles. Protektiv Hydro`s unique flash off curing process creates a super durable coating with repellent properties, providing ultimate protection to last a lifetime.  

Protektiv Hydro is a market leader in premium interior and exterior protection technology. Tested, proven and globally certified to the stringent standards set out for Boeing compatible products

For more information contact Melissa Alizzi on 9379 6643 or complete the form below.

Aftermarket Promotion